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This committee notifies our members about advertising opportunities on the Chamber website and sets prices for ads with Board approval.

Kenneth Young, Chair
Carl Grau

Every year the Chamber nominates several outstanding businesses and members of the community for their commendable examples of business performance, beautification and/or citizenship and public service in helping Montville Township become a better place to live and work. This committee organizes the dinner, chooses the venue, helps solicit sponsorships, and finds presenters to honor the recipients at the dinner.

Lawrence A. Casha, Esq., Chair
Joseph P. O’Dowd
This committee sets the governance of the Chamber, in addition to base policy, number of directors, criteria for membership, etc.
Margaret Miller-Sanders, Esq., Chair
The Chamber has a liaison member to the EDC to share ideas and keep the Chamber informed of EDC actions. Montville Township's Economic Development Committee is charged with developing and implementing a strategic business attraction and retention program for the municipality. Its function is to match enterprises looking for a new home with a suitable and appropriate location within Montville's borders. The EDC also assists with new applications and/or inquiries for new commercial/industrial developments; compiles and provides timely and useful vacant listings for developments; fosters a business friendly environment; and helps the community to realize a desired economic future.

Margaret Miller-Sanders, Esq., Co-Chair
Danielle Speciale
Margaret Sanchez

Harold Wachtel
This committee plans, arranges and runs special evening events several times a year, which may be social as well as business oriented. The committee also plans topics and events of interest to women in business, engages speakers, and helps set up breakfast meetings.

Lawrence A. Casha, Esq., Chair
This committee plans, arranges and runs the Chamber golf outing, including getting sponsors for meals and holes, and finding a “Hole In One” sponsor, such as a local car dealer.

Kenneth Young, Chair
This committee plans topics, engages speakers, and chooses venues for monthly Chamber meetings.

Frank Cooney, Liaison
The Township Committee (TC) appoints the Long Term Financial Planning Committee (LTFPC) each year. Their task is to financially analyze and give recommendations to the TC on different subjects requested by them. The Chamber of Commerce has one liaison on the LTFPC to represent the business sector's view and the impact that the LTFPC recommendations would have on them. The LTFPC has reviewed water and sewer rates, long- and short-term debt questions, budget analysis, and long-term budget planning.

Tony Speciale
Every two years the Chamber produces a large map of Montville Township that gets distributed to all township residents and businesses. Chamber Members may purchase an ad on the map. This committee approaches members for advertising opportunities, organizes the ads around the map, and works with the printer to produce the map.

Carl J. Grau
Danielle Speciale

This committee helps to get the word out about the Chamber and its activities and events through advertising, publicity, website, social media, and printed materials distributed throughout the township.

This committee approaches business people who attend Chamber functions, calls on new businesses, and makes companies in the township aware of the Chamber and its benefits. The committee reaches out to new Chamber members to invite them to meetings, encouraging participation and involvement in Chamber events.

Joseph O’Dowd, Chair
The Member Services committee looks for opportunities to serve both our members and the community in new and different ways, going beyond the traditional services that a Chamber would provide. The committee provides holiday decorations on the main roads throughout the township, and been instrumental in continuing the New Residents program, which sends a package to new homeowners welcoming them with gifts, coupons, and ads from local businesses. We are always looking for new ideas and ways to serve our members.

(Presiding and All Past Presidents)
Lawrence A. Casha, Esq.
Carl J. Grau
Margaret Miller-Sanders, Esq.
Joseph O’Dowd
Tony Speciale
Kenneth Young
This committee nominates new people to serve on the Board of Directors of the Chamber. This committee also helps to nominate the Annual Awards Recipients.

Debra Eckert Casha, Esq., Chair
Lawrence A. Casha, Esq.
The Senior Seminar is an annual event that has grown to building capacity of 210 people. Chamber members offering products and services geared towards Seniors are encouraged to take tables at the event, held at the Montville Township Senior Center, thereby giving them the opportunity to have direct contact with the senior customer base. Topics presented to the seniors vary from year to year, offering multiple opportunities for Chamber members to be potential speakers.

Kenneth Young, Chair
This committee is charged with reviewing budgets and ensuring that all budgets are workable. If not, the committee is tasked with finding 'ways and means' for raising revenue to run the organization. 

Carl J. Grau, Chair
The technology committee keeps the website current by updating content, maintaining the database, overseeing website maintenance and programming.

Tony Speciale, Chair
This committee contacts businesses in town about sponsoring the large signs and garden plots welcoming visitors and residents to the township. The committee checks the signs periodically to ensure they are well-maintained and gardens are decorated seasonally.