Chamber Benefits

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10 Good Reasons to Join Us and Volunteer on the Montville Township Chamber of Commerce

  1. Grow your business
    We offer marketing opportunities for member businesses through sponsorships, advertising, publicity, and events.
  2. Build great friendships
    Meet and build relationships with business owners and professionals at our monthly meetings and annual events.
  3. Help support other businesses
    Your support through membership gives our business community as a whole a greater voice in decision-making. 
  4. Learn from experts
    We bring in speakers on many topics of interest. Come to these events, or contact us about giving a presentation.
  5. Develop personal growth
    There is much to learn by getting involved.The more we work together, the greater our personal growth.
  6. Gain leadership skills
    At Economic Development Committee meetings, you will get to meet township leaders. 
  7. Develop team-building strengths
    Committees are open to members. Visit our Committees page and see what interests you.
  8. Become more community-minded:
    At our events, experience the buzz of the community. Offer your ideas of what works and what needs to change.
  9. Develop public speaking skills
    We master the art of introduction and discussion among other professionals at our meetings and events.
  10. And last but not least – Make a difference in your business community!
    You are an integral part of this community. Help us leverage growth and success on your behalf, through your support.

More Benefits

  • Discounts
    Staples' partnership with the Chamber gives us combined purchasing power with Staples Business Advantage.
  • Priority
    Our members get priority as sponsors of Welcome Signs, Banners, and other special programs.
  • Patronage
    Member Restaurants, caterers, and facilities get our patronage throughout the year by hosting our events, which also brings marketing and media coverage.

Contact us by e-mail, or phone 973-263-3310. We will be happy to send you an application or you can simply fill out an application online today! We look forward to having you join us!