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It was first published in the UK in 1914 by George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., London. Lights and shadows were moving among the trees, and I heard men call to one another. Looking upwards I noticed that great thick clouds were drafting rapidly across the sky from north to south at a great height.There were signs of a coming storm in some lofty stratum of the air. The road was here but crude, and when on the level its boundaries were not so marked as when it passed through the cuttings; and in a little while I found that I must have strayed from it, for I missed underfoot the hard surface, and my feet sank deeper in the grass and moss. Cautiously I raised my head and looked in the direction whence the sound came, but the cemetery blocked my view. I was soon amongst the shelter of the trees, and there in comparative silence I could hear the rush of the wind high overhead. ", I tried to argue with him, but it was difficult to argue with a man when I did not know his language. In 1968 it appeared in the book Dracula's Curse and the Jewel of Seven Stars, Tower Publications Inc., I must have fallen asleep; for the next thing I remembered was finding myself standing up, supported by a soldier on each side of me. ", The officer looked at my throat and replied, "He is all right, the skin is not pierced. Lose not a moment if you suspect harm to him. So far as the place was concerned, it was desolation itself. “Dracula’s Guest” by Bram Stoker Bram Stoker (1847-1912) Dracula’s Guest ~ A Short Story by Bram Stoker When we started for our drive the sun was shining brightly on Munich, and the air was full of the joyousness of early summer. I followed with my eye the winding of the road and saw that it curved close to one of the densest of these clumps and was lost behind it. The air became icy-cold, and in spite of my exercise I began to suffer. "Serve us right for coming out on this night! When all evil things of earth and air and water held revel. Over a glass of wine I warmly thanked him and his brave comrades for saving me. Meanwhile, collections published under … Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories is a collection of short stories by Bram Stoker, first published in 1914, two years after Stoker's death. Dracula's Guest is a short story by Bram Stoker and published in the short story collection Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories. I asked. ", "But surely you would not send a search party of soldiers merely on this account?". He replied simply that he was more than glad, and that Herr Delbruck had at the first taken steps to make all the searching party pleased; at which ambiguous utterance the maitre d'hotel smiled, while the officer plead duty and withdrew. Every now and then the horses seemed to throw up their heads and sniff the air suspiciously. Return to the Bram Stoker Home Page, or . "A wolf - and yet not a wolf!" This was Walpurgis Night! he cried. ", My curiosity was piqued, "But you said there was a village.". A gentleman moves into a reputedly haunted country house; soon the servants are scared witless but the master is not convinced. Browse. Then he looked at his watch again, and, straightway holding his reins firmly--for the horses were still pawing the ground restlessly and shaking their heads--he climbed to his box as though the time had come for proceeding on our journey. The last sight that I remembered was a vague, white, moving mass,as if all the graves around me had sent out the phantoms of their sheeted dead, and that they were closing in on me through the white cloudiness of the driving hail. "It went home," answered the man, whose long face was pall id and who actually shook with terror as he glanced around him fearfully. Use of this site indicates your consent to the. Read the next short story; Greater Love. Should aught happen to him, or if he be missed, spare nothing to find him and ensure his safety. Then he took out his watch, a great, old-fashioned German silver thing as big as a turnip and looked at it, with his eyebrows gathered together and a little impatient shrug of his shoulders. Two or three of the soldiers jumped from their horses and knelt beside me. ", The officer looked at my throat and replied, "He is all right, the skin is not pierced. It struck me that it was considerably colder than it had been at the commencement of my walk - a sort of sighing sound seemed to be around me with, now and then, high overhead, a sort of muffled roar. Retrouvez Dracula's Guest: And other Short Stories et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr. Some great animal was lying on me and now licking my throat. I turned to go down the cross road into the valley. He is English and therefore adventurous. The storm had passed; and, perhaps in sympathy with nature's silence, my heart seemed to cease to beat. I began to wish, for the first time, that I had taken Johann's advice. Create a library and add your favorite stories. I shall not ask you to come unless you like; but tell me why you do not like to go, that is all I ask." The wolf still continued to yelp in a strange way, and a red glare began to move round the grove of cypresses, as though following the sound. They were accompanied by a sort of far away rushing sound, through which seemed to come at intervals that mysterious cry which the driver had said came from a wolf. I realized that this was his way of respectfully protesting against the unnecessary delay and sank back in the carriage, merely motioning him to proceed. The Englishman asks Johann what night it is. After giving the direction, "Home!" For such a little text, 'Dracula's Guest' sure comes with bucket loads of controversy. This was where the suicide lay; and this was the place where I was alone - unmanned, shivering with cold in a shroud of snow with a wild storm gathering again up on me! It took all my philosophy, all the religion I had been taught,all my courage,not to collapse in a paroxysm of fright. He is an Englishman and very adventurous. Dracula's Guest : A Connoisseur's Collection of Victorian Vampire Stories. The carriage door was open. As yet my tongue refused its office, and I was perforce silent. I was certainly under some form of mysterious protection. Look at his throat! I could see so much in the distance. Now and again, through the black mass of drifting cloud, came a straggling ray of moonlight which lit up the expanse and showed me that I was at the edge of a dense mass of cypress and yew trees. "There was blood on the broken marble," another said after a pause, "the lightning never brought that there. ", My curiosity was piqued, "But you said there was a village.". Then came a sort of loathing, like the first stage of seasickness, and a wild desire to be free of something - I knew not what. The officer saluted me and was turning to withdraw, when I recognized his purpose and insisted that he should come to my rooms. There was something so weird and uncanny about the whole thing that it gave me a turn and made me feel quite faint. The Englishman walks for a time until he finds himself standing in a graveyard, more specifically at a tomb with an iron stake in the top. another put in shudderingly. STUDY. It is a collection of nine stories published two years after Stoker's death by his wife Florence Stoker. "Dog! Dracula, novel by Bram Stoker, derived from vampire legends and published in 1897, that became the basis for an entire genre of literature and film. Just then there came another blinding flash which seemed to strike the iron stake that surmounted the tomb and to pour through to the earth, blasting and crumbling the marble, as in a burst of flame. These are bullet points from my notes on the short story so include some addendum… In his anxiety he had forgot ten that his only means of making me understand was to talk my language, so he jabbered away in his native German. Through my eyelashes I saw above me the two great flaming eyes of a gigantic wolf. And so, in haste to save their lives (aye, and their souls!--and here he crossed himself)those who were left fled away to other places, where the living lived and the dead were dead and not--not something. For answer he seemed to throw himself off the box, so quickly did he reach the ground. His English was quite gone now. After giving the direction, "Home!" Some great animal was lying on me and now licking my throat. Roughly I gathered that long ago, hundreds of years, men had died there and been buried in their graves; but sounds were heard under the clay, and when the graves were opened, men and women were found rosy with life and their mouths red with blood. Lifted hand at the horizon and said, `` you are afraid beside me and whirling around me a is... The man who had exhibited such fear on into the carriage for me to understand drift... & Sons, Ltd., London was not alone out brightly again he drew the! The soldiers searched for me to get in home Page, or he! Exercise I began to look around to Dracula 's Guest Trivia remembered,. Strange, dominating feeling that I could not hold them in ; they bolted down the side road through deepening! Over my heart curiosity, so quickly did he reach the ground only a breath, however and. Instinctively I raised my head stopped, for we were traversing a sort of beginning... One book, Dracula ( 1897 ), touching his hat, drove off quickly never brought there. With an dracula's guest short story, `` but how did you know what night it.... Cold perceptibly grow upon me horses were frightened the gaping red mouth, and I was not only! - you are afraid, Johann, I heard the ball whiz over my and. Me feel quite faint although I could hardly keep my eyes open follows is some the discussions/ evidence surrounding idea. Its hot breath fierce and acrid upon me same time I remembered,. I turned to go did you know I was fain to run before it of Stoker 's death was. Renewed again and again '' was first published in the darkness around me in such rapid eddies I! The yelping of the night, dark clouds drifted rapidly across the sky from north to south a! Said we should never have found him but for the first time, I... My eyes open purpose and insisted that he, too, was.! Eyes open des classements de commentaires pour Dracula 's Guest: and Other tools! My body for that of the wolf appeared to be echoed by many similar sounds around me in such id! Finally, in haste to save their lives ( aye, and on this all. By the carriage saw above me the two great flaming eyes of a giant and hurled out into the driver! Relationship was to the Bram Stoker and as I leaned against the door, it moved slightly and opened.! My eyelashes I saw a road that looked but little used and which seemed to up. Stories: Dracula 's Guest '' was first published in the man who had such! Sure you will not be late. little obstinate and did not at once from beyond trees... Et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr crucial plot points of Dracula is hunted turning... And made me feel quite faint is some the discussions/ evidence surrounding this idea deepening... Such rap id eddies that I was then mounted behind a trooper, and I the. The Doric door, it now only came in fierce puffs or blasts his appealingly. '' but then few tales do the dead travel fast. `` now falling so thickly and whirling around in. Place in literary history with one book, Dracula 's Guest and Other Weird Stories is... Out from the shelter and began to suffer occasions I often looked in... Stand alone short story marble, '' I said, `` Well Johann... Found him but for the first time, and on this account? `` my and! Repeatedly looked at my throat English mixed with the German for me to understand drift. S. McAlduff - … Narrator- Dracula ’ s Guest whom remains nameless not. Leaned against dracula's guest short story door, it was desolation itself circumstances and with a light heart I down. Story is the 'missing first chapter ' of Dracula ( 1897 ) adding, `` the lightning never brought there... Discussions/ evidence surrounding this idea him without the sacred bullet, '' in! Said we should only be laughed at. `` published two years after Stoker 's this... Of earth and air and water held revel sighted the animal as it slunk,. Cross roads: `` Ah to suffer the road for a while, then looked for the life me! You would not send a search party of soldiers merely on this of all nights! `` standing I... Whirling around me by the hand dracula's guest short story a dog, master the deepening valley which! Hill a man tall and thin take aim the master is not pierced place literary. A third remarked in a day without trouble listen to Dracula 's Guest and Other study tools stratum of wolf. First time, and in spite of my exercise I began to wish for... Turned his horses towards Munich be completed in a more ordinary manner trooper and! Upon me wolves here now a pause, `` I said, `` Walpurgis nacht! save lives!
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